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Editorial Services

Quality Assurance

We guarantee that the quality of English in all documents edited by us will meet the standards required by the international publishing industry.

Editorial Process

Every manuscript undergoes a thorough two-level editing check to ensure that it is submission-ready.

File Formats We Edit

File Formats we editWe accept all file formats such as WORD, PDF, JPEG, LaTeX, etc.

(An additional 15% is charged for PDF and LaTeX editing.)

Rapid Technical Review

Manuscripts get rejected at the peer review stage because of various reasons such as poor structure, a weak argument, or other factors authors may overlook while preparing their manuscripts. Under the Rapid Technical Review service, our expert panelists, all of whom have a keen understanding of the publication process, review your paper to eliminate most major reasons for rejection even before you submit to the journal of your choice.

This service includes:

  • Comprehensive and objective evaluation
    Using an incisive and detailed questionnaire, our experts prepare a manuscript assessment report. The questionnaire our experts use includes questions that cover all aspects of your manuscript, from evaluating the study design to a commentary on the literature review.
  • Specific technical input
    Having published and peer-reviewed papers in major journals, our experts are highly competent and apply their knowledge of the field and their publishing experience to help improve the overall quality of your manuscript.
  • Actionable recommendations that improve your manuscript
    An evaluation is most successful only when it is coupled with relevant suggestions for improvement. Our experts do not stop at reviewing your manuscript critically. For every problem identified, they also recommend a corrective action. This allows you to make necessary changes and meet your submission deadline.
Note: CSP authors get a 15% discount on the prices shown here.

Pricing and delivery speed for Rapid Technical Review

  • 500
  • 1 week
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